Thorkil founded Specialisterne (The Specialists) in Denmark in 2004 as the first market driven company where autistic traits are turned into advantages performing high quality services for inclusive employers.

Specialisterne is a case study at Harvard Business School, was awarded ‘Best large social firm Europe 2006’ by CEFEC and named ‘One of 12 shocking ideas that could change the World’ by Wired Magazine.

Thorkil Sonne has a long background in the private IT and Telecommunications business. He has been president of a local branch of Autism Denmark, and is father of an autistic son. Thorkil has been recognized with Autism Prize by Autism Denmark, IT Prize The Danish IT Industry Association, ‘Brave Thinker’ by The Atlantic Magazine,  ‘Intelligent Optimist’ by Ode Magazine. He is an Ashoka Fellow, World Economic Forum Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur and arranges an annual global Autism Advantage Luncheon with UN Department of Public Information. Thorkil is co-author of articles for Harvard Business Review, MIT Innovation Journal and  MIT Sloan Management Magazine.