Thorkil Sonne is a World Economic Forum Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur, an Ashoka Globalizer Fellow and the founder of Specialisterne and Specialisterne Foundation. Since 2004, he has been working across the world to include autistic/neurodivergent persons into core functions in the labor market. Thorkil founded Specialisterne USA in 2013 and worked with United Nations to launch the Autism Advantage theme at the World Autism Awareness Day in 2015. Since then he has taken the Autism Advantage Luncheon concept to China, India and Indonesia. Thorkil lives in Denmark with his family and is chair of the Danish Government’s Council for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals. He has the world as work place in the efforts to enable one million jobs for neurodivergent persons by 2030. Thorkil is a member of the board in Specialisterne USA.