WRaP Facilitator Program
Workforce Readiness and Preparation

College WRaP (Workforce Readiness and Preparation) Facilitator Training

  • Dates:  TBD
  • Time: 9:00 – 5:00 Monday – Friday
  • Location:  Your campus
  • Cost:  $5000 per University / College team of two minimum, plus travel expenses.

WRaP Facilitator Training Description

WRaP is a facilitator training program in which participants learn the proven Specialisterne model to create work ready candidates–increasing their students ability to find a meaningful internship or full time job upon graduating. In addition, the group train the trainer setting allows for cross pollination of ideas from college career counselors and other support teams attending the training.

A minimum of two and maximum of ten members of your Pre-Employment Transition Services / Career Counselling / Disability Accommodation Teams (partners in Vocational Rehabilitation welcomed) are invited to attend.  (Professors, Career Counselors, Autism Support Team Members, Disability Services, VR counselors etc.)  Ideally, the attendees will deliver the Specialisterne WRaP Workshop.

Program Details

  1. Minimum of two (2), maximum ten (10) members of your university Pre-Employment Transition Services teams may attend all aspects of the training.
  2. 1-hour introductory online overview to prepare for the Specialisterne Group Train the Trainer program. (Webex (or similar), time to be scheduled with each school individually)
  3. All WRaP materials to enable your University or College to provide your autistic and other neurodiverse students with the 4-week work readiness program.
  4. Specialisterne WRaP Competence Model;
  5. Specialisterne physical, psychological learning and working environment;
  6. Management concepts – getting companies to be involved in the process;
  7. Training and assessment services; and
  8. Outcome:  Friday training: Each team to re-create the program to work with your University or College’s culture, effectively modifying the WRaP program to your student’s needs, keeping in alignment with the Specialisterne WRaP Competence Model.

Participating colleges will:

Onsite High School Pre-ETS Train the Trainer Program

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Specialisterne will come out to your high school over four weeks, where students will learn the skills employers are looking for through an interactive and fun Curriculum, including Lego Mindstorms.

This Pre-Employment Transition Service (ETS) program is designed to teach social skills and teamwork skills that will be needed for success at work to high school students. The program also provides the opportunity for students to participate in new job matching assessments and to use new assistive technologies being developed at Vanderbilt. In addition, the program provides the opportunity for students to connect with prospective area employers.

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Offsite High School Pre-ETS Train the Trainer Program

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graduating class High School Pre ETS WRaP Train the Trainer

Twice annually, we offer cost effective group train the trainer sessions so Pre-ETS teams can learn to facilitate and run our WRaP Summer STEM Bootcamp. 

This is a train the trainer program which allows for cross pollination of ideas from Pre-ETS support teachers across the USA. This group training program allows up to two members of a school’s Pre-ETS team to receive training to run the Pre-employment Program independently.

It includes 1-hour introductory online overview to prepare for the Specialisterne WRaP Facilitator Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Please clarify “train the trainer”.

Teams will be trained on how to implement the model with students, perhaps in collaboration with college colleagues and businesses in the area.  How you want to implement the training is entirely up to your individual college or university.  The Friday of the training allows the team to discuss and plan what the roll-out could look like, including using parts of our program to enhance your current program

2. Is there more reading I can do on the model itself? Is it a proven methodology?

The Specialisterne College WRaP Program is 100% based on what Specialisterne USA delivers to corporations to start their Autism@Work programs.  This includes, Microsoft, SAP, JPMorgan Chase, Bloomberg, PwC etc. The purpose of the Train the Trainer model is to enable colleges to work with feeder corporations (like U Del to JPMorgan, EY, SAP etc) to get their autistic students internships, and then graduate with a full time job “work ready”.  Our ultimate goal is to end the graduation to unemployment and underemployment rate for autistic college graduates.

3. Can you send me any information that’s been published in journals on outcomes for the WRaP model? Or if you haven’t published yet, perhaps results that were shared at a professional conference?

We are currently in the process of performing research on the delivered High School WRaP model with Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.  The WRaP course is 100% based on the Specialisterne USA model, where a number of research publications and articles from Harvard Business School can be found on this link.  There is also a Harvard Case Study you can purchase from the University here.

4. What sort of obligation would we be making by attending? Are we under any sort of informal or formal obligation to conduct the program if we attend?

The only obligation is that you bring a team of people who are interested in learning the WRaP program, a laptop and one LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set with software downloaded.  You are not required to run the program in your university.

5. How much is a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set? Can I get a cheap one on eBay? Is there an additional cost for the software?

The Lego Mindstorm Education EV3 Core Set  is approximately $411.  You can sometimes get a lower priced set on eBay etc., however, it needs to be the kit on this link provided.  There is a less expensive kit, but it doesn’t allow the user to create a more significant experience.  Our training will only be geared towards the set we have indicated.  The software is included in the cost.  You will need it installed before attending the WRaP Program.

6.  Is it appropriate/ok for campuses to conduct this program as a revenue-generating activity on their campus?

It is entirely up to each college or university how they want to approach the funding, or cost to their students.

7.  Is there any further payments required to Specialisterne to continue to use this program?

There are no additional monies required to Specialisterne outside the $5000, plus expenses.

8. Are there any copyright issues with incorporating activities and materials into an existing program (so long as proper attribution is made to Specialisterne)?

We are working under the assumption that every college and university is working to best serve their autistic and other neurodiverse students.  Many have spent a good deal of time and energy to develop their programs.  We do not want to hamper that.  We will be teaching our methodology which has a lot of room for inclusion and further innovation. We only ask that your trainers promote they were Specialisterne WRaP trained.

9.  Will there be any requirement for follow up for my college / university?

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center or Specialisterne USA may follow up with those who have been trained to see if/how they used the training and the internship/employment outcomes of their students

10.  Is there an additional cost for travel or is that covered by the $5000?

All travel and accommodation is an additional expense.

Neurodiversity at Work

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