Employer Recruitment Program

Our Recruitment program partners with your Talent Acquisition or Human Resources team to meet the workforce needs of your company ensuring the best pool of candidates are brought forward to meet your company’s needs.  

This includes developing targeted job descriptions, assessing quantities and characteristics required for potential roles, providing localized outreach and partnerships with service providers and community agencies, all to ensure you have a pool of talented candidates to meet your exacting requirements.

The competence model consists of:

  • Motivation (career ambition)  
  • Workability (readiness to thrive in a work place)  
  • Professional skills (skills needed for the job at hand)  
  • Specialist skills (skills that often comes with autism)  
  • Shared skills (skills shared with others, such as team work, project management)

Identify Roles

Specialisterne works with your Talent Acquisition leaders to develop the scope of the roles, create job descriptions and secure dates for each segment of the recruitment process.

Sourcing & Recruiting

Specialisterne uses our network to contract with a community agency which is certified by Vocational Rehabilitation.  We utilize our own database, publicize on social media, and source through our network among grass root organizations, universities, and community agencies in the surrounding areas.  Specialisterne will work with the talent acquisition teams to move the best candidates forward to Stage 3. 

Assessment & Training

The Assessment Program is a two-phased approach:  Top candidates based on resumes and recommendations will attend the one-day Informational Workshop (IW); followed by up to 10 successful IW candidates to attend the Specialisterne Assessment Program. Both are designed to develop talent for both the hiring managers as well as the neurodiverse candidates. 

We ensure that unsuccessful candidates are supported by the partner community agency for further training or other employment opportunities.


Successful candidates with an open Vocational Rehabilitation case are entitled to a job coach for 90 days.  It is the job coach’s role to ensure the successful candidate understands the roles required of them and will act as an intermediary between the manager and the candidate if clarification on either side is required.


Once the internship program is concluded, the determination by the hiring managers will be made as to the permanent employment of the candidate.  Specialisterne is always available to the employers for any questions or assistance they may have during the tenure of the successful candidate’s employment, including the internal mentorship program.

Neurodiversity at Work

Specialisterne USA’s best practice is adapted continuously through collaboration with our global network.  

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