Goldman Sachs Neurodiversity Hiring Initiative in New York and Texas 2021


Employment Workshop: November 30th, 2020 (10am-3pm)
Employment Assessment: January 4th, 2021 – January 22nd, 2021
Internship Onboard Date: February 16th, 2021

Specialisterne USA is recruiting for a Virtual Assessment!

Specialisterne USA specializes in working with businesses to hire people on the autism spectrum or with other neurodivergence. Presently, Goldman Sachs and Specialisterne USA are working together to recruit for roles based in New York, NY, and Dallas, TX offices while conducted remotely until it is safe to transition into physical/in person office space.

Click here to download the Recruitment Guide (PDF).

Goldman Sachs

At Goldman Sachs, we connect people, capital, and ideas to help solve problems for our clients and communities. We are a leading global financial services firm providing investment banking, securities and investment management services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments, and individuals.

Goldman Sachs is a world leader in developing quantitative and technological solutions to complex business problems. Working side by side with the firm’s trading, sales and investment management professionals, our quantitative and technical professionals use their training to create financial products, advise clients on transactions, measure risk and identify market opportunities.

Bring your skills and strengths to a place that embraces diversity.
At Goldman Sachs, we believe who you are – including everything that makes you unique – contributes to how you add value to what you do. We are committed to fostering a supportive environment that welcomes and celebrates all ideas and perspectives.

Positions are available in New York City NY and Dallas TX.

Specialisterne USA

Specialisterne USA is a non-profit social enterprise that pioneered the Autism @ Work movement in the US. We collaborate with corporations, universities, high schools, and community agencies to enhance recruiting by examining traditional recruiting, assessing and on-boarding practices to help companies to employ work-ready neurodiverse talent. Specialisterne USA works to ensure every neurodiverse person who wants a job, gets a job.

Important Dates:

Specialisterne is currently sourcing neurodivergent individuals to participate in the Specialisterne Engagement with Goldman Sachs.
The dates are as follows:
Employment Workshop: November 30th, 2020 (10am-3pm)
Employment Assessment: January 4th, 2021 – January 22nd, 2021
Internship Onboard Date: February 16th, 2021

The assessment period will be a paid experience.
The internship period will also be paid commensurate with the level of role you qualify for.

Internship Job Descriptions (Internship may lead to Full-Time employment)

*Participation in any of the above programs is not considered employment and DOES NOT guarantee employment.

The following are the Goldman Sachs Job Descriptions for the 2021 Neurodiversity Hiring Initiative program in New York, NY and Dallas, TX:

  1. FRONT END DEVELOPER, User Experience (New York, NY)
  2. FULL STACK DEVELOPER, Compliance Engineering/Treasury Engineering (New York, NY)
  3. UX DEVELOPER, User Experience (New York, NY)
  4. BUSINESS OPERATION ANALYST, Change Management & Business Intelligence (Dallas, TX)
  5. OPERATION ANALYST, Global Markets Business Intelligence (Dallas, TX)

New York City, NY

Are you looking for an opportunity to build and implement visual and interactive features within web applications? Are you a critical thinker motivated by problem-solving and critical thinking? If so, this role may be a good one for you.

Here is what you will do:
● Design and build new front-end features onto the Goldman Sachs’ digital design system to improve the user experience
● Work with the internal design team to translate UI/UX wireframes into visual components
● Identify areas for improvement within user interfaces and design solutions using JavaScript and React
● Work with back-end developers to validate and review code to ensure alignment between the front and back-end
● Participate in daily agile meetings to provide progress updates to team members

In performing this role, you will:
● Have a Bachelor’s degree or diploma or equivalent work experience in front-end development
● Apply your knowledge or experience in front-end development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
● Use your knowledge or experience with NoSQL or other non-relational databases to analyze, extract, and manipulate data
● Demonstrate some of your knowledge or experience with React, Redux, Angular or related frameworks
● Use your problem-solving capability to identify technical issues and find adaptable solutions

Nice to have:
● Experience with server-side JavaScript for example ExpressJS, NodeJS, and NPM
● Familiarity with agile development and good coding practices (unit testing, code reviews, etc)

New York City, NY

Are you looking for an opportunity to use and grow your skills in software development? Would you be interested in using your technical skills to define and augment code to improve operational efficiency? If so, this role may be a good one for you.

Here is what you will do:
● Receive ticketed requests from external and internal Goldman Sachs’ partners surrounding current business technical needs
● Build and design customized applications in Java or comparable languages.
● Analyze current software implementations to identify areas of improvement and provide estimates for implementing new features
● Perform automation and unit testing and resolve any issues or bugs that arise in a timely manner
● Work with Goldman Sachs’ support teams to understand and resolve internal system issues
● Participate in daily agile meetings to provide progress updates

In performing this role, you will:
● Have a Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field of study
● Apply your familiarity with Java or comparable programming languages to build applications for automation flow
● Use your knowledge or experience of SQL or other relational databases to analyze and manipulate data
● Apply your analytical capability to translate business problems into executable technical requirements
● Use your verbal and written communication skills to communicate ideas clearly and effectively to team members

Nice to have:
● Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React or other web development frameworks
● Knowledge or experience with Agile Scrum methodologies

UX DEVELOPER, User Experience
New York City, NY

Do you have an interest and background in UX Design? Does developing your skills and starting a career in one of the world’s leading investment banking firms sound interesting to you?

Here is what you will do:
•Be part of a team focused on creating user centric solutions to enhance the experience for web and mobile application users
•Assist in defining goals and design principles through user experience research and interviews
•Translate web and mobile product requirements into visual prototypes and create sketches,storyboards to explore, test, and refine potential concepts
•Work alongside software developers to provide them with design artifacts for implementation
•Present results and collect feedback and input from stakeholders to support successful implementation and identify areas for improvement

In performing this role, you will:
•Have a degree, diploma, or certificate in UX Design, Human Computer Interaction, HumanFactors, Information Architecture, or a related field / equivalent experience
•Apply your experience with Sketch, Figma or similar applications to design and prototypesolutions
•Use your understanding of user interface and/or human-computer interaction designprinciples to support the system feature design
•Use your communication skills to discuss design solutions and feedback with team members,managers, and business stakeholders

Nice to have:
•Experience with HTML or other coding languages
•Experience with Principle, Adobe After Effects or other animation software
•Familiarity with machine learning and/or data visualization techniques

An online portfolio is required for consideration for this position.
Click here to learn more about the Goldman Sachs Design System (
Please note: The nature and responsibilities of the role can be adapted to fit the background and skillset of the selected candidate.

Dallas, TX

Do you have an interest in Business Intelligence and process automation? Does development of effective solutions to transform and improve data flow processes sound like something you’d enjoy?

Here is what you will do:
●Work with different business groups to define business needs and discuss automation solutions for various business cases
●Draft solutions based on the defined needs and obtain approval from stakeholders to start the development process
●Extract data from internal systems and use Alteryx to develop process automation solutions
●Apply intelligence using scripting such as Python to predict outcomes
●Use data visualization tools such as Tableau to summarize and demonstrate solutions to stakeholders
●Participate in post-implementation reporting to communicate key project outcomes and solutions

In performing this role, you will:
●Have a post-secondary degree or diploma in Computer Science, Data Analytics or a relatedfield, or equivalent experience
●Apply your experience in working with large data sets and with Python to automate manual data processes
●Use your analytical skills to develop innovative and more effective solutions to support organizational productivity and efficiency
●Apply your strong attention to detail and quality to ensure accuracy in your work
●Leverage your data storytelling ability to provide insight into the outcomes and benefits ofthe process automation

Nice to have:
•Experience with Alteryx and/or Tableau
•Familiarity with machine learning and/or robotic process automation
•Experience with SQL

Dallas, TX

Are you an analytical thinker with an interest in leveraging and developing your technical skills? Would you be interested in working within a team that supports building solutions to enhance business performance and mitigate risk? If so, this role may be a good one for you.

Here is what you will do:
●Work as part of an analytics team focused on providing insights into fixed income performance and risk
●Build and maintain technical tools and infrastructures (low-code solutions) to understand data related to business trading performance and processes
●Filter, transfer, and monitor data into SQL environments for analysis
●Analyze and decipher the data and produce reports in Microsoft Excel based on findings
●Work collaboratively with internal operations teams to identify work flow inefficiencies and opportunities to mitigate risk

In performing this role, you will:
●Have a post-secondary degree or diploma in Computer Science, Computer Engineering,Finance, Data Science, or related field of study
●Use your intermediate Microsoft Excel skills and knowledge of SQL to analyze, manipulate and extract data
●Use your critical thinking skills to communicate the ‘why’ behind the data and draw appropriate conclusions
●Use your ability to communicate clearly and concisely to synthesize information verbally and in writing
●Use your understanding of visualization techniques to make sense of information and present findings

Nice to have:
●Experience with Alteryx for data extraction
●Experience with Tableau, Hadoop or other visualization tools
●Experience with Python, Java, or comparable languages

Skills Evaluation, Assessment, and Selection Process

Candidates will have an opportunity to “show, don’t tell” by participating in individual, group, and technical assessment in the form of a collaborative group meeting environment. Candidates will be assessed on 5 core competencies including professional and personal skill. Another point of evaluation and assessment includes identifying with the candidate current support needs to optimize skill. Each corporate client of Specialisterne participates in mandatory neurodiversity training as well as ongoing support delivered by a local community agency before candidates transition to Employment Workshop (see below).


During the 3 day Employment Workshop, candidates will meet as a group, participate in pre-assessment tasks to identify ability to work in a virtual work environment as well as identify baseline work readiness skills. Participation is mandatory in order to transition to the next phase of assessment.

3 Day Virtual Workshop

Day 1: Monday 11/30/20 – 10am-3pm on video (30 minutes for lunch)
Function: Meet with Candidates: short activities to address competencies: attention to detail, group collaboration, abstract problem solving

Day 2: Tuesday 12/1/20 or Wednesday 12/2/20 – scheduled meeting with Specialisterne Facilitator (1 hour)
Function: Meet with candidates: participate in 1:1 meetings to ask job specific questions / gather information on current work readiness

Day 3: Wednesday 12/2/20 – 3pm Wrap Up (30 minutes)
Function: Provide next steps to candidates

Based on skills based questions and activities, responses to 1:1 meetings, and facilitator evaluation, selected candidates will progress to the next phase: Technical Skill Assessment

Goldman Sachs will be providing a technical skill assessment for coding ability. If selected to move to the next phase, you will be provided instructions.

**Participation in any of the above programs is not considered employment and DOES NOT guarantee employment.


During the 3-week assessment, applicants for this program will be evaluated, assessed and selected according to the standard Specialisterne USA methodology. The Information Workshops will be conducted so applicants can be introduced to Specialisterne USA’s assessment process as well as Goldman Sachs and the positions that are available as part of this program.

Those demonstrating appropriate interest and aptitude at the workshops may be invited to participate in a three-week skills evaluation and assessment program conducted virtually/remotely until it is safe to transition into physical/in person office space. The slots available as part of this assessment are limited.

A committee of Specialisterne USA and Goldman Sachs employees will make the selection of the candidates for the three-week assessment. Those not selected for this assessment may elect to continue working with Specialisterne USA and the community partner in identifying alternative roles, programs and employment opportunities.

3 Day Virtual Assessment

Week 1: Monday January 4th, 2021 – January 8th, 2021 (10am – 4pm)
Week 2: Monday January 11th, 2021 – January 15th, 2021 (9:30am – 4:30pm)
Week 3: Monday January 18th, 2021 – January 22nd, 2021 (9am – 5pm)

** Please note: Candidates who successfully complete the Specialisterne USA Assessment will be able to add Agile Scrum Methodology as a learned skill as well as a Specialisterne Work Ready Certification with Goldman Sachs to their resumes. Participation in the skills evaluation and assessment program is not employment and DOES NOT guarantee employment.